WILDWOOD - Wildwood officials will vote on whether to establish a dress code that would require anyone walking on the boardwalk after 8 p.m. to pull up their pants.

Specifically, the new ordinance says that the waist band of pants, shorts, swimsuits, and skirts should not be lower than 3 inches below the waist, preventing visitors from showing too much skin or underwear. The new rules also require patrons to wear a shirt and shoes.

If passed, anyone not in compliance will be asked to leave the boardwalk, and could get a ticket if they refuse. Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr. says he's tired of complaints about people who are dressed in an inappropriate manner and will support the new dress code. Troiano says the ordinance is designed to maintain the boardwalk's family friendly appeal.

The ordinance is scheduled for a vote on June 12.

AP wires contributed to this report.