TEANECK - A pack of wild turkeys has been terrorizing a Bergen County neighborhood.

Residents in Teaneck say that they have been living in fear of a gang of aggressive turkeys. Lakeview Terrace homeowner Courtney Lopchinksky says that she had a scary turkey encounter in January. The family was eating dinner and witnessed turkeys flying onto the neighbor’s roof.

“We didn’t know turkeys could fly,” she says. “The next thing we knew, it was like he heard us. He turned and looked at us and just flew straight through the window.”

Lopchinksky says Teaneck residents have been complaining about the menace for a while. The turkey that flew through her family’s window sent shards of glass flying and cost about $6,000 to fix.

“These turkeys are attacking kids at bus stops. They’re jumping on cars and not letting people get into their cars,” she says.

The Teaneck Town Council held a meeting Tuesday night to address the concerns. The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife says it is turkey mating season, which makes the turkeys more aggressive.

“If they see [their reflection] in a mirror, a shiny washed car…they’ll start attacking it because they’re territorial and they have a pecking order,” says wildlife expert Amy Dechesner.

Dechesner recommends shooing the birds away humanely or making loud noises to scare them off. She also says it is importing to lock up garbage and get rid of bird feeders.