PARSIPPANY - A Parsippany family was startled by a very strange home invader; a wild turkey.

The Rao family says that they initially thought someone was breaking into their house when they heard a window break while they were sitting down to have dinner Monday evening.

When they went to the source of the sound, they found that a wild turkey had apparently jumped up about eight feet and crashed into their dining room window. The turkey struggled for a few minutes and then died from a broken neck.

"I was totally surprised, it was a shock,” says Arthi Rao. “I just didn't understand because the blinds were closed and it fell through. Where did that come from?"

Daughter Shivani Rao says that she thinks the turkey was startled by something outside.

"I saw a cat out there when I was waiting for the rescue squad to come so I think it got scared of the cat and saw the reflection and jumped through the window,” she says.

The family says that they saw the turkey only once before in their backyard.