WHITEHOUSE STATION - The first winter snowfall of the season buried many parts of the state under about 2 feet of snow.

Whitehouse Station in Hunterdon County is one town that saw some of the highest snow totals, at 30 inches.

Residents spent Sunday digging themselves out with shovels and snowblowers.

News 12 New Jersey found Suzanne Poch in waist-high snow, armed only with a shovel to dig her way out.

“My biggest challenge is that I have a really long driveway and my car is all the way in the back,” she says.

Poch says that she is a nurse and has to work Monday. She is worried about how long it will take to get her car out.

Whitehouse Station homeowner Joe Burke says that many members of the community are spending the day helping each other out of the snow.

“It’s a good community here,” he says. “You just help each other out. Otherwise, it’s a nightmare.”

Morris Plains was reported as the town that saw the most snow in New Jersey at 33 inches.