METUCHEN - For many New Jersey residents who experienced damages from this weekend's snowstorm, it may not be clear who is responsible to pay for the damages or what you can collect.

Attorney John Wiley says if your own tree damages your own property, your homeowner's or car insurance pays for the repair.

If a neighbor's tree damages your property, the bill will likely fall on you, as a falling tree is considered an act of God. Wiley says that the only way your neighbor would have to pay was if you can prove he was negligent.

If the tree that falls is a town tree, most times you'll have to pay as well. The town or city should haul the tree away for free, but Wiley says that collecting anything from city hall is next to impossible.

Wiley says that it might be difficult to get money from the municipality even if you can prove that you warned them about a bad tree. Wiley says that even if you can prove they forgot, the municipality could be exempt because of budgetary constraints.

The law says trees just fall sometimes, so the best thing you can do is make sure you have good insurance.