WALL TOWNSHIP - Monmouth County officials have begun spraying for mosquitoes after detecting traces of West Nile virus in some of the insects.

Officials say that they are concerned with how early the virus has shown up this year, as they usually don’t see the virus until July or August.

"We found one test area that had a mosquito that tested positive for West Nile virus, and since that area had a lot of cases, we wanted to be proactive and spray and get rid of all the mosquitos that could have the potential of having west Nile virus this year,” says liaison to mosquito control Serena Dinaso.

Northern Spring Lake Heights and the West Belmar section of Wall Township is where they are concentrating. The virus was detected in these areas last year as well.

Officials also want to educate residents about making sure they get rid of standing water on their property. Items like old tires, flower pots and even bottle caps can act as breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Residents in the area of the spraying are advised to keep their windows closed and turn off the intake fan if they have a window air conditioner. Children and pets should also stay inside while the spraying is occurring.