LEONIA - A burglar in Leonia is apparently dressing up for the surveillance cameras before be breaks into homes.

A man in a suit and tie was caught on a home security video breaking into a house in the middle of the day while the homeowners were out.

Police say they believe the same man tried to rob another home Thursday before the homeowner interrupted.

"The suspect tried forcing his way into the house through the side door," says Capt. Scott Tamagny. "The resident pulled into the driveway and scared off the suspect."

Residents are understandably alarmed. "It could've been my house," says Steve Hutnik. "We have young families with children next door. It's kind of scary." 

In each case, police say the man uses a crowbar to pry open a back or side door. He wears gloves and carries a briefcase. 

He also appears to be speaking Spanish on a cellphone. Police think he may be talking to a lookout nearby and say a white van was seen near one of the homes. 

Police say the burglar has made off with jewelry, cash and credit cards.  They are urging residents to make their homes look "lived in" when out or on vacation.

"Make sure you have someone look after your property," Tamagny says. "Pick up your mail, pick up newspapers."

Police say the man is Hispanic, in his 30s or 40s, and wears tinted glasses. Anyone with information is asked to call Leonia police.