MONTCLAIR - One New Jerseyan is hoping to help Syrian refugees overseas by shipping them toothbrushes. is the creation of a Montclair businessman trying to find a simple way to help out the refugees.

"I think all of us can do something and I think this is, on my part ... I just said what can we do that's really simple that can also raise awareness of the issue," says Abe Kasbo.

The cause is especially close to Kasbo's heart, as he was born and raised in Syria.

"I grew up in Aleppo, Syria," he says. "I came here when I was 10 years old. And so it's hard enough to be an immigrant right? To leave your country, let alone to be a refugee."

But of all the things the refugees need, why toothbrushes?

"It's really simple, right? I get a toothbrush, I put it in the mail, they send it here, we coordinate and we deliver. And that's really the idea to make it really, really simple to help support the Syrian refugees," he says.

So how can you be sure your donation is getting there?

"We are going to physically take them from here, Montclair, New Jersey, to the refugee camps in Germany. I'm personally going to ensure our staff is going to ensure these things get there," he says.

Kasbo is working with the German Embassy to find out where the refugees are and the best way to get them their new toothbrushes. He hopes to collect 100,000 over the next 180 days.

In the first two days of the website being up, 11,000 brushes have been collected so far.