WAYNE TOWNSHIP - Wayne Township police are urging town residents who have home surveillance systems to register them with the police department in an effort to help solve crimes.

The Wayne Police ShareCam Program is a few months old. The program allows police to know which residents have cameras outside their home so they might be able to use them to gather evidence.

“In the event [of] a burglary…we’d reach out to people in that neighborhood and find out who might have cameras ... they can show us footage maybe of fleeing vehicle or person fleeing on foot,” says Wayne Police Detective Capt. Laurence Martin.

The program has renewed interest after 11-year-old Allen Shneyderman came face-to-face with a burglar inside his home Monday. The boy was able to flee the home and call police with the help of a neighbor.

The Shneydermans’s home has a surveillance system, which was used to identify 23-year-old Thomas Coughlin as the suspect. Coughlin was arrested Tuesday morning.

If we hadn’t gotten [the surveillance photo] out there, we would have gone door-to-door,” says Capt. Marin. “It still would have a successful completion, but it may have taken more time.”

Capt. Martin says police would not have access to homeowner’s computers or servers if they register with the program. Detectives would be able to ask the homeowner to see the footage if a crime happened near their home.