WAYNE - A girl from Wayne with special needs has had her Christmas wish for a dog with special needs fulfilled.

Tianna, 10, is legally blind and has had eight operations. Her twin sister Gianna has autism. Tianna told her mother that she wanted a disabled dog for Christmas.

“The children are noticing that other children are different from them,” says the girls’ mother, Dana Polito-Corry. "For [Tianna] to constantly feel lonely, it breaks my heart as a parent."

Enter Carmella the pit bull, a dog who also has special needs. Carmella has been fostered by Sandy Roberto, of Must Love Dogs Grooming. Roberto believes the dog spent most of her life crammed in a tiny crate and that’s why her two front legs jut out and she has spinal problems.

"People would comment every day on how gorgeous she was and as soon as they heard about her legs, her handicap, they lost interest immediately,” Roberto says.

This is one of the many reasons why Carmella and the two girls were meant to be together.

"She's still fun to play with even though her legs don't work,” Tianna says.

Polito-Corry says that Carmella has already encouraged her shy daughter to open up more to other people.