LINDEN - Donations of bottled water are now pouring in to a volunteer-run animal shelter that recently had its water supply cut off.

As News 12 has reported, the Friends of Linden Animal Shelter on Lower Road in Linden recently put out an urgent call for donations of water. Since then, more than 200 gallons of water have been dropped off at the shelter.

On its Facebook page, the nonprofit shelter says that its water supply was interrupted by a water main break. It says it hasĀ been dealing with the problem for about a month.

The shelter's page explains that the animal control department that used to be housed at its location was permitted to hook up to a water line on a nearby energy company's property free of charge. That line is now broken, but it's not a municipal main, so the town and the water company don't have to fix it, according to the shelter. The main sits on private property, so the energy company must have it fixed or give permission for it to be fixed.

The Friends of Linden shelter announced Sunday afternoon that it now has enough water to get through the next couple of weeks. The Linden Department of Public Works has also loaned the shelter a 300-gallon water tank to use for cleaning.

News 12 attempted to contact the energy company that owns the property where the water line is located, but has not yet received a response.