OCEAN GROVE - Record-breaking warm temperatures have given a boost in profits to some Jersey Shore towns this December.

Some business owners tell News 12 New Jersey that the mild temperatures have brought in more customers during what are typically slow months. 

Bob Valente, the owner of The Majestic Hotel in Ocean Grove, says that the hotel is booked. All 16 of his rooms are reserved for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the weekend after.

“Whenever the weather in the winter is good, people come down,” he says. “Our sales are up from last year.  A lot of it is weather driven."

Trish Fairbairn, owner of The Comfort Zone in Ocean Grove, says that she has also seen a surge in sales for some products. However, she also said that items like scarves, fuzzy socks and warm slippers are not selling as well as other items.

Rebecca Cavanaugh, of the Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce, says that the mild temperatures delayed some shopping at first, because “you can't really embrace Christmas in 70 degrees.”

But she adds that “towards the end [of December] it got very busy, very hectic.”

Golf courses around the Jersey Shore are also reporting record profits this year. Many courses are still planning to stay open in January.

Temperatures for Christmas Eve are expected to reach temperatures in the low-70s.