WALLINGTON - Wallington homeowners are able to head back to their homes tomorrow after an evacuation order was issued by officials earlier Tuesday.

Mandatory evacuations were effective 6 p.m. tonight. The town, located along the Passaic River, has many flooded homes. Homeowners were originally told that the river would crest at a record 14 feet, but local officials tell News 12 New Jersey that the water is actually receding.

Earlier, Wallington Mayor Walter Wargacki told News 12 New Jersey "Irene's rain caused the occurrence on Sunday, but now we're getting the backflow from up-county - all the residue from Fairfield and Pequannock. It's hitting us now which is why we're expecting 14 foot crest."

Despite the evacuations, many families were relieved to hear that they should be able to return to their homes tomorrow.