WALDWICK - A New Jersey woman remembers the afternoon in Dallas when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Judi Scola, of Waldwick, was in Dallas that day and says her memories of a moment that changed America forever have never faded.

"I just can't believe 50 years have gone by. It's a fresh today as it was then," Scola says.

Scola was 23 years old at the time and living in Dallas. She was excited about the president's visit. Scola and coworkers at American Liberty Oil ran downstairs to catch a glimpse of Kennedy's motorcade as it drove through downtown Dallas.

"Of course, it was very brief, and I could have almost touched the car it was that close," she says.

The group went back into the building for lunch and a few minutes later someone broke the news. "She came running in and said, 'He's been shot, he's been shot,' and we were incredulous," Scola says.

The workers watched news coverage on a small TV in an executive's office, and then headed home for the day.

Scola is now a grandmother, but she says the memories of that day are still fresh in her mind. She says America changed that day. "I think people who say it was the end of innocence, I think that's true," she says.

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