TRENTON - New Jersey lawmakers are expected to vote Wednesday on a plan to replenish the state’s empty transportation trust fund that will include a 23-cent gas tax increase.

"It’s going to be a change in quality of life and a change in cost of life in the state of New Jersey,” says state Sen. Jennifer Beck.

Sen. Beck has been vocal about her opposition to the bipartisan plan. She says that it will impact 7 million people.

The plan is expected to pass when it is voted on, but Sen. Beck says that the bill does not have as much support as it seems.

“There’s a reason that we're not hearing it in committee and it's being jammed right to the floor of the Senate and right to the floor of the Assembly,” she says. “They don't want to have people to get riled up and express themselves.  They want to do it really fast.”

Democratic Assemblyman John McKeon says the state has no other alternative but to go with the plan.

"It will bring economic wellbeing to our area.  We’re talking about a billion dollars that will put people to work and invest in our infrastructure,” McKeon says.

The plan also includes what Gov. Chris Christie calls “tax fairness.” The plan calls for a cut to sales tax to 6.625 percent by 2018. The estate tax will be phased out, and there will be tax credits for veterans and the working poor.