TENAFLY - The four-legged victims of the deadly Louisiana floods will be getting some help from the Garden State.

Tenafly-based Pet ResQ Inc., a foster rescue group, will be sending volunteers, supplies and funds down to Louisiana to help with the flood relief efforts.

Pet ResQ Inc. founder Robyn Urman will be heading down to Louisiana to help as well.

“There’s like 3,500 people with pets and they need to be fed, and that’s what I’m doing,” she says.

Urman and other volunteers will also help find lost pets and assist damaged shelters.

Pet ResQ has been collecting supplies and money for shelters and pet families who lost it all.

“Obviously food, kitty litter, antiseptic. Fleas are bad before this water…so [flea spray] is gold now,” says Urman.

Volunteers from all over have been donating supplies. Items have been piling up at "Something to Wag About" dog groomer in Dumont. Any items Urman can’t personally take herself, will be driven or shipped down to Louisiana.

Some of the homeless pets will be shipped to New Jersey to be cared for. A handful of New Jersey rescue groups, vets and groomers have promised their space and time to help any animals brought up from Louisiana.

Anyone wishing to donate to the cause can find more information at the Pet ResQ Inc. website.