EDISON - News 12 New Jersey viewers sounded off on recent Kane In Your Corner investigations. 

In the wake of last week's Amtrak crash, Kane in Your Corner examined safety issues at the railroad. Amtrak says it is four years behind on maintenance and in a recent report to Congress, the railroad requested more funding to address "critical infrastructure" it said was "stressed to the breaking point."  Some viewers agreed upgrading should be a high priority to alleviate safety concerns. Others were reluctant to see more tax dollars committed to a railroad that has never managed to break even.

Viewers also offered strong opinions on new developments in Kane In Your Corner's investigation into a controversial cleanup project in Middlesex County. Last week, News 12 New Jersey's Walt Kane pointed out discrepancies in the engineering report used to justify the controversial Rahway Arch plan. There are at least three different versions of that report, all marked "final" and all purportedly written on the same date. One version was sent to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection during the permit application process, the second released to the public, and the third sent to the US Environmental Protection Agency when it began investigating. Some viewers don't buy the site remediation professional's explanation of a "clerical error." Others say state and federal watchdogs need to do a better job of regulating.