SUMMIT - A rare cyst was discovered near Kim Rodrigues' liver. Rodrigues was operated on today with the help of a voice-activated camera.

Dr. Andrew Gumbs performed the surgery today, removing the colidocal cyst. The cyst had a 70-percent chance of becoming cancerous if it wasn't operated on. The cyst also had the potential of making bile go back into Rodrigues' liver and cause cirrhosis and jaundice.

Gumbs says he could see so much better with the camera. He also says he could control the camera either by his voice or with his foot. Gumbs explained that with the camera he could "look at exactly what I want, not what the person holding the camera wants to look at, but exactly what I want to look at."

Her cyst was discovered by an X-ray six months ago. The voice-activated camera will help leave behind less scarring than traditional surgery. The voice-activated camera was developed in France.