NEWARK - A violent attack in broad daylight was caught on camera in Newark, and city officials are taking extra steps to track down the suspects.

The exact date of the attack is not known, but video of the attack surfaced this past weekend. It happened on the corner of Board and Market streets. 

A bystander filmed the attack on a cellphone and posted it to social media. It shows a man being repeatedly stomped and kicked for nearly two minutes.

The attack is so violent that Newark Mayor Ras Baraka and newly appointed Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose are springing into action.

Director Ambrose tells News 12 New Jersey that extra police patrols were put in place in the areas in and around Newark’s downtown. He says that this is all part of a reorganization of police, fire and emergency management personnel, which allows for more officers to shift from desk duty to the street.

Ambrose went on to say that he's working on a plan that would permanently free up 55 officers from desk duty.

Mayor Baraka admits that 2015 was a tough year for the city in terms of crime. However, he does say a recent report found that in a given year, 80 percent of Newark citizens do not have direct contact with violent crime.

No arrests have been made in the attack, but police sources tell News 12 New Jersey that they have been able to identify many of the people involved.

The condition of the victim has not been released. What prompted the attack is also not known.