ROBBINSVILLE - Friends, family, students and loved ones of a Mercer County schools superintendent struck and killed by a car Tuesday morning gathered to remember him.

Robbinsville schools superintendent Dr. Steven Mayer was struck and killed by a car while he was out jogging before school. Mayer’s dog was also struck and killed. The driver was one of Mayer’s female students, who is a senior.

Mayer was married and had three children. About 1,000 people gathered at Foxmoore Park in Robbinsville to hold a vigil for the man they say was a vital member of the community.

“He was always out there, to see why the kids were not happy or to encourage them,” says Robbinsville resident Gabriel Maged.

School was canceled Tuesday following the accident and will remain closed Wednesday. Grief counseling will be available to any student or staff that needs it.

Police say that the 17-year-old driver who struck Mayer was late for a class trip. Robbinsville Mayor David Fried says that he knows the girl involved in the accident and says that she is a great kid from a great family.

No charges have been filed. The Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the crash.