HOBOKEN - A vigil was held Thursday evening for a young mother killed while standing on a train platform when a New Jersey Transit train crashed in Hoboken.

Friends who attended the vigil say they were impressed to see the large turnout.

“I really expected just our Hoboken families to just come here, which is about 80 parents,” says Sapphire Lopez. “To see it blow up to this proportion is phenomenal.”

Fabiola Bittar De Kroon had recently moved to Hoboken from Brazil. The 34-year-old was married and had a 2-year-old daughter.

“We're a very close community. We share a lot of things about having children in such a small town,” says Hoboken resident Caroline Henderson. “Even though I didn't know her, you kind of feel like you do.”

Dozens of people attended the vigil. Many of them said the crash, which injured over 100 people, could have claimed any of their lives.

“I am not going to stand here and say that I knew Fabiola on a personal level; that we were friends or colleagues even, but what I can tell you is that I knew Fabiola as a mother,” says Lopez “It was a love so endless and so pure that everyone around her can see it.”

Bittar De Kroon’s husband is back in Brazil. A letter was read on his behalf.

Pascack Valley Line train 1614 crashed into the Hoboken Terminal on Sept. 29. Federal investigators determined the train was traveling more than double the speed limit just prior to the crash.

NJ Transit officials say there is no timetable yet for when the station would reopen.