NEWARK - The Newark community mourned a teenager who was gunned down on Mother's Day.

More than 250 people gathered Thursday for a candlelight memorial, with people releasing blue and white balloons.

Al-Shakeen Woodson, 15, was a member of the Brick City Lions football team. He was gunned down in the area of 19th Avenue and South 16th Street around 7:45 p.m. on Mother's Day after the annual "Blessing of the Bikes" rally.

"He was always over my house," said Woodson's cousin and teammate Christopher Leake. "And I told him be safe. We were always together."

"I do live in Newark, so this is not the first time," said Woodson's teammate Darryl Hill, referring to the loss of another life in the community. "But it kind of hurts more because it's kind of close to home."

No arrests have been made in the shooting, but an investigation by the prosecutor's office and Newark police remains active.

Woodson's football coach, Curtis Germany, and others say they are disappointed that no one has come forward with information.

Woodson's death is the 29th homicide of the year in Newark. Members of the Essex County motorcycle community have donated $2,000 to Woodson's family.