ORTLEY BEACH - A recent Kane In Your Corner investigation into whether Toms River was being unfair with regard to flood rules has garnered a lot of feedback from viewers and residents alike.

The town is telling one couple that they have to raise their home in Ortley Beach by at least six feet because it was more than 50 percent damaged during Superstorm Sandy. The couple says their home did not suffer anywhere close to that much damage. But the town is not considering what homes are really worth, according to the investigation. It is using the assessed value from property tax bills; in their case, just $30,000.

One Facebook comment said, "The vultures are circling!!!! Haven't these folks suffered enough already?"

Another said that the shore homeowners were not paying their fair share to begin with: “I got a little bilevel. I pay over $10,000 a year with a well septic. She is two blocks from the beach and paying $5,000 a year.”

One architect called in to tell KIYC there could be other problems caused by under-valuing storm-damaged homes. He says any home declared more than 50 percent damaged is no longer "grandfathered in" and has to be rebuilt according to current zoning rules.