HOWELL - Viewers had strong and varying reactions to a Kane In Your Corner investigation on a Howell animal breeder who continues to sell animals despite being banned.

The Distinction Acres kennel was ordered to shut down by the Monmouth County Health Department after inspectors say they found dozens of health violations. However, owner Joy Yard is still doing business despite the ban.

Many viewers contacted Kane In Your Corner agreeing that Distinction Acres should discontinue doing business and that the animals deserved better. Yard also has hundreds of satisfied pet-owners, and several called in to defend her.

One caller's family purchased three dogs from Distinction Acres and said all three were in perfect health.

The Kane In Your Corner investigation also revealed that two different agencies have vastly different opinions on Distinction Acres. The Monmouth County Health Department claims the place is so bad it needs to be shut down. But the head of the local SPCA says it's exceptionally clean and well run.

Viewers suggested an independent investigation to figure out why those differing opinions exist.