EDISON - Last week's Kane in Your Corner, which dealt with public workers receiving full salaries and benefits for working full time for their unions and voting irregularities in the mayoral race of Orange, created a heated debate between viewers.

According to a state report, the practice of giving union members full salaries and benefits if they work full time has cost state taxpayers more than $30 million over the past five years.

Union officials say the practice is worth it because running a large union is a full-time job. Some viewers said that the salaries should be paid for by the union, while others said that employees' salaries shouldn't be taken away.

In Orange, Dwayne Warren accused the mayor, Eldridge Hawkins, of using a city car and on-duty police to campaign. In the end, Warren won the mayoral race by hundreds of votes. Myrna Lockhart and 16 other voters accused campaign volunteers of pressuring them to fill out absentee ballots in favor of Warren.

Many viewers told Kane that they were neither angry nor surprised by the allegations.