EDISON - On Wednesday, politicians spoke about the clerical error that cost the state $400 million in federal education funding. Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J) argued that it was one mistake in a 1,000-page application and the federal government should have checked the numbers more closely.

Many of News 12 New Jersey's viewers said that the governor should be held accountable. Others said Christie and his administration should have checked the answers on the form more closely.

However, not everyone blames the governor for the mistake. On News 12 New Jersey's Question of the Day, 67 percent said the buck stops with the governor, but 12 percent blame the federal government and 21 percent said that no one was at fault, that it was just a clerical error.

The state has asked the federal government for the extra funding on the grounds that the application would have been good enough if it weren't for mistake. The government declined to dispense more funding.