SHREWSBURY - Federal agents have shut down a calf slaughterhouse in Shrewsbury after secretly recorded video surfaced that showed alleged inhumane treatment of the animals.

Catelli Brothers on Route 35 was temporarily closed after authorities reviewed video that allegedly showed examples of federal law violations including a disabled calf being dragged while conscious.

The video was taken by The Humane Society of the United States. "We've had experts review the video that we have and they have said this is one of the top three worst cases that they have ever seen," says Kathleen Schatz.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture concluded the company was not treating animals humanely and shut down operations until further notice.

Jerry Kershefski has been hired by Catelli Brothers to work on a plan to correct violations and prevent new ones. He says the company is meeting with federal authorities..

Those who work nearby say they would prefer the slaughterhouse stay closed. "The smell is terrible," says Arch Brow Bar worker Audrey Marton.

A company spokesperson would only say that some of the 32 employees are still working at the plant, and others are not. Before operations resume, the company says they will all be retrained in humane animal handling.

Catelli Brothers is one of the largest veal and lamb producers in this country, selling its meat to grocery stores and restaurants.

The plant in Shrewsbury conducts both conventional and kosher slaughter. Officials say it's unclear if kosher rules were properly followed.