POINT PLEASANT BEACH - The final report in the investigation into a Point Pleasant Beach motel fire that killed four people says the fire was started by a discarded cigarette.

The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office says a resident who fell asleep face down in a couch while smoking sparked the March 21 blaze at the Mariner's Cove Motel.

Surveillance video from inside the motel at 3:17 a.m. shows John Alberti looking for change in seat cushions in a second-floor lounge.  The video shows him as he lights a cigarette, falls asleep and allows embers to fall into the couch.  

Smoke and eventually flames erupted about 90 minutes later. 

Alberti, who Prosecutor Joseph Coronato says was high on heroin at the time, was among those killed in the blaze.

Albert Sutton, Harold Ford and Paulo Martins also died. Eight other people were injured. Coronato says that there is a message to be taken from this. "Addiction is a problem," he says. "It not only affects the addicted, but the family of that person and other people - in this case, strangers."

The video officially closes the case, and gives family members some answers.