WARREN TOWNSHIP - The Somerset County Prosecutor's Office has released more details surrounding the circumstances of a standoff that left three people dead, including the suspected gunman.

According to prosecutors, the suspected shooter has been identified as John Reno, 48. He is accused of killing his fiancée, Heidi Errickson, 45, and her brother, Frederick Errickson Jr., 55, before turning the gun on himself.

A spokesperson for the Somerset County prosecutor says that after having an argument, Reno shot and killed Heidi Errickson inside their Mt. Horeb Road home. When Heidi's brother Frederick came to the home to check on her, he was allegedly shot and killed by Reno in the driveway of the home.

Warren Township police came to the home after receiving a call from another family member to check out what was going on. When officers arrived, Reno allegedly shot at them with an assault rifle from the first-floor window.

The Somerset County SWAT team and nearby police departments were called in for backup. Roads around the home were blocked off and police told neighbors to stay indoors.

After several hours, officers determined it was safe to go inside. Reno's body was found lying in a drainage ditch in a wooded area behind the home. It appeared that he shot and killed himself. Officers found an assault rifle lying next to his body, along with two high-capacity magazines.

Authorities believed that Reno may have had a history of mental health issues and they are working to confirm if this was true.

No police officers or other members of the public were hurt during the ordeal.