WEST ORANGE - Observances around the country were held Sunday morning to honor the victims of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, including one at Eagle Rock Reservation.

Community members and dignitaries gathered to pay tribute and to recognize the lives lost 15 years ago today in one of the largest ceremonies in New Jersey.

Some shared personal stories of their loved one and how much they are missed.

In addition to tolling the bells to commemorate the exact times the planes struck the World Trade Center, the names of the 57 Essex County residents who died on Sept. 11 were also read out loud.

For the families of some victims, Eagle Rock has become a place of comfort and solace.

"For me, a place to come to visit my husband's name where there is no cemetery to go to," says Susan Rossinow.

The scenic overlook at Eagle Rock Reservation offers clear views of the Manhattan skyline.  It's also where thousands of people gathered on Sept. 11 to witness the tragedy unfold.