JERSEY CITY - The 19-year-old victim of a hit-and-run in Jersey City over the weekend says she thought she was going to die when a man intentionally ran her over.

Bianca Ortiz says she was crossing Montgomery Street with her younger brother Saturday night when he accidentally dropped his basketball in the street. She says a driver stopped and cursed at her because the ball rolled into traffic.

Witnesses say Ortiz apologized for the accident, but that the driver responded, "I'll show you an accident." They say he then put the car into reverse and intentionally struck the teenager.

Ortiz says she's sore and needs a crutch to walk, but that she considers herself lucky.

The man was driving a silver Mustang with broad black racing stripes. Witnesses told News 12 New Jersey that they aren't sure of the model year and were unable to get the entire license plate number.