NORTH PLAINFIELD - The Journal News reports that officials at the Cornell University Veterinary School say canine flu has been spreading in New York City, the Lower Hudson Valley and northern New Jersey.

Canine flu is not fatal, but is highly contagious. Symptoms include coughing, runny nose and fever.

Kelly Luga, the manager of Best Friends Doggie Day Care in North Plainfield, says just like children, dogs are susceptible to catching a cold from a playmate.

Dog flu is not as common as the less-severe kennel cough. Symptoms of kennel cough include a dry hacking cough and low-grade fever.

Dr. Brian Voynick, who hosts The Pet Stop on News 12 New Jersey says, a high fever is 104, since 102 is normal for a dog. He says, there is a vaccine you can give your dog, but it won't cure it or prevent the virus. The Bergen County animal shelter in Teterboro was closed for two weeks last month after numerous dogs came down with the flu.