EDISON - An injured New Jersey veteran is helping other men and women recover from their own military injuries with a method he is passionate about.

Cornelius Begley is a wounded warrior, but his back, shoulder and arm injuries haven't kept him from scuba diving.

"When you get under the water you are very confident in what you are able to do and it gives you a great sense of accomplishment," Begley said.

Begley teaches scuba diving to other injured military veterans. It was a life changer for Iraq war veteran, Rino Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says floating underwater eases his physical and psychological troubles. "It kind of separates you from everything else."

Begley says he hears similar stories from the nearly 100 vets whom he has taught.

Begley is nominated for a Wounded Warrior Caring Forward Award. He was nominated by his former students for his volunteer work teaching scuba diving.