FAIRFIELD - A veterinarian technician that was fostering one of the dogs abandoned on top of a roof in Newark has decided to adopt the animal.

Two dogs were found on a scorching tar roof amid a heat wave in Newark last month. Both are recovering from injuries they sustained from the hot tar.

Ginger, a pit bull-lab mix, was hurt worse than the other dog, because it appeared she rolled around in the melted tar. She was being cared for by technician Melissa Stevens.

"She's doing remarkably well.  She is healing well after everything that she went through at the hospital.  I wasn't there the night she came in, but I was there the next night and the weekend and we just created this bond,” says Stevens. “She never growled at me. She just loved me and it was love at first sight."

Stevens renamed the dog Lexi and has formally adopted her.

The original owners of the animals have been identified and charges against them are pending.