PLAINFIELD - A historic Plainfield house will soon become home to some of New Jersey's thousands of homeless veterans.

Avery Yates recently bought the one-time private home that's been vacant for years. In honor of his World War II veteran father, Yates plans to turn it into the nonprofit Yates House for Military Veterans. "These are people that are homeless and in need of shelter," Yates says. "These are veterans and their families. We will be able to provide them with a place to call home."

Air Force veteran Cheryl Turner is hoping to take advantage of the new space. "I can hang up my uniform, and I'm home,” she says. “It means a lot to us."

Plans include about 30 self-sufficient units with kitchenettes, beds and bathrooms. Yates hopes the project will give those who left to defend our country a place to come home to permanently.

"We want to come back home and this would be a good step in putting us back home," says Vietnam veteran Leroy Sampson.

The group is applying for grants and asking for donations to make it happen. And those leading the charge say there is no doubt this place will soon be a place New Jersey veterans can call home.

Tenants of the house would pay subsidized rent. Organizers hope to get the renovations finished within a year to 18 months.