NUTLEY - The U.S. Senate passed a $16 billion measure aimed at cleaning up the mess at the Veterans Administration Thursday night, and today New Jersey's senators are applauding the bill's bipartisan support. 

Sens. Robert Menendez and Cory Booker met with veterans and their supporters at a VFW hall in Nutley. 

They highlighted a component pushed by Sen. Booker that will continue funding for specialized treatment of traumatic brain injuries. 

"It's going to mean so much for these families," Booker says. "To see them really tell me directly we can't let this program sunset, and to be able to come back now and deliver to them, it's a really great feeling for them and gives them the security they deserve."

The VA has been racked by scandal and allegations of mismanagement that started with revelations that veterans were dying while waiting to receive care. 

The House had already passed a similar bill. President Barack Obama is expected to sign it.