NEW BRUNSWICK - After 30 years of RutgersFest, the Rutgers president sent out an email explaining that the party is over at Rutgers.

Following the last two years of violence at the event, Rutgers University President Richard McCormick wrote that "With regret for the loss of a longstanding Rutgers tradition, and with admiration for the students who worked hard to plan and run the concert this year, I have decided that the university can no longer continue to hold Rutgersfest."

In addition to being a concert and carnival, this past year's RutgersFest also featured large crowds, drinking, fights and even four shootings and 11 arrests.

Given what happened at this year's RutgersFest which was held last Friday, officials are now re-examining the next big event to take place, which is the student and family open house called "Rutgers Day" on April 30.

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