NEWARK - A pair of University Hospital EMTs have resigned after they were caught ignoring a call while waiting for food at a White Castle. 

They were also live-streaming on Periscope at the time of the call.

“The individuals involved in this matter have resigned their employment with University Hospital as a result of their inappropriate conduct,” University Hospital spokeswoman Stacie Newton said in a statement.

Newton said that the conduct violated numerous hospital policies, “including our clear guidance on emergency response protocols, the use of social media, and our code of conduct.”

News 12 New Jersey first reported about EMT James Hovan and his unidentified partner. Hovan was using the smartphone app Periscope to live-stream to an audience while he and his partner were on call.

While stopped at a White Castle drive-thru in Newark, they received an emergency call but decided to ignore it as they waited for their order.

“I ordered my food before the [expletive] call came in,” Hovan is heard saying after one of his viewers questioned why the crew wasn’t responding to the call. “What do you think, I just throw it up in the air and run off? No!”

When Hovan and his partner finally do respond to the call, they are also heard mocking the patient.

Newton says that EMTs are allowed time for meals while on duty, but must respond immediately if an emergency call comes through.

The hospital has been in contact with the New Jersey Department of Health as a part of its investigation, according to Newton.

The hospital says that no patients were harmed because of the crew’s conduct.