UNION TOWNSHIP - A teacher from Union Township High School is under fire for expressing her beliefs on Facebook.

The teacher, Viki Knox, was apparently very unhappy about a display in the school that observed gay history month and expressed her anger on Facebook. Now, many are questioning if as a teacher, she should have posted her anti-gay comments on the social networking site.

Attorney John Paragano says he brought the social networking page to the attention of district administrators. In a letter, he calls her comments vengeful - and demands an investigation.

The ACLU defends Knox's rights to post her opinions, but it also encourages an investigation into her conduct at school for whether she is in accordance with school policies and the state's law against discrimination.

The NJEA sent News 12 New Jersey its guidelines on Twitter and Facebook. Among the guidelines was, "Never post about your job or student and don't post anything you wouldn't want read aloud in a school board meeting."