FORDS - The family of an 11-year-old boy with Asperger's syndrome is thanking the Union Township police department for an extreme act of kindness.

Anthony Lipuma was at a birthday party in Union Township and accidently lost his handheld videogame console. The family went to the Union Township police department to report the loss, in case someone turned it in.

"It was so devastating," says mother Maria Lipuma. "I think the reason why it was so devastating to us was because we needed to figure out how to tell him the games are not coming back."

Union Township Police Sgt. Michael Boll understood the issue and took pity on the family.

"My daughter has autism, and once the family told me the situation, I knew exactly what they were going through," says Sgt. Boll. "I wanted to help them out a little bit more."

Sgt. Boll and some of his colleagues and even some local residents began to replace what Anthony lost. They bought him multiple games, a new console and even a tablet.

"It floored us," says Anthony Lipuma, Sr. "It was so generous on his part. He didn't have to do a tenth of what he did."

The Lipumas say that with all the recent scrutiny of police they wanted to share the story of a very generous police department helping the community.