TRENTON - The only state Senate voting session this week was noteworthy not because of bills taken up, but by the ones that weren't.

Union workers shouted at Gov. Chris Christie from the State House steps, making the most noise heard at the State House Thursday. They demanded he follow through on an earlier promise to make a payment into the system.
State Sen. Loretta Weinberg says the battle lines are clearly drawn. "There isn't anybody out there, in that crowd who missed a pension payment," she says. "It's taken out of their salaries week after week after week."
Plans to move forward on the Superstorm Sandy Bill of Rights hit a wall Thursday. Senate President Steve Sweeney wants to override Christie's veto, but if Republicans refuse to help out, he'll need all the support he can get.

Some senators were away today so they will try again on June 19.
A bill that would ban smoking in public places, like beaches and parks, was also held up. One of the bill's sponsors says they're still working out the details on how much, if any, territory should be set aside at public places to act as smoking sections.