SOUTH ORANGE - As Kane in Your Corner has previously reported, Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo has been using a loophole to earn a salary and a pension at the same time.

Tonight, Essex County union members protested what DiVincenzo is doing. As Kane in Your Corner first reported a few weeks ago, DiVincenzo technically retired as county executive last year, but stayed on the job, allowing him to earn a salary and a pension. He now makes more than $220,000 a year.

Union leaders planned to have an ice cream truck at the protest, complete with free double dips of ice cream. However, the union failed to get a permit and the ice cream truck was not present.

New Jersey PBA President Anthony Wieners said the plan for an ice cream truck was "A way to have a retirement party with a cake because Joe can have his cake and eat it too, and some double-dip ice cream. It's a shame he's going to miss it. I understand he's at a loyal order of hypocrites' convention."

Kane in Your Corner