UNION CITY - Union City Police Chief Charles Everett has resigned following our Kane In Your Corner investigation into his off-duty assignments.

Our investigation found he was paid for hours he did not work, even working out at the gym on the clock. The resignation comes one day before an internal report was to recommend that Everett be charged with neglect of duty, obedience to laws and regulations, and failure to comply with lawful orders.

The internal report was written by former U.S. Attorney Wally Timpone. It does not address whether or not Everett had a no-show job. However, it does say that security work at the Jose Marti Field went exclusively to a handful of influential cops, who never had to document their hours.

According to the report, the detail coordinator would ask those assigned to the field if they had worked, and if they said yes, were put in for payment.

Even though he's resigned, Everett is not completely off the hook. The attorney general's office is doing its own criminal investigation.

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