UNION CITY - Victims of last week's fire that seriously damaged three buildings in Union City retrieved their belongings Monday.

More than 60 people lost their homes last week when the fire broke out on 19th Street.

Residents waited outside the buildings starting at 9 a.m. Some of the people waiting outside were friends and volunteers helping those affected by the fire.

Stephanie Vargas says she and her family lost a lifetime of memories in the fire. They returned Monday to salvage what they could. "I lived here my whole life," she says. "I was born and raised here. So, 21 years of memories and life."

"More than anything we want to make sure the sentimental stuff - pictures, family artifacts," says Cheryl Gonzales. "We lost our grandmother three years ago.  So there is a lot of sentimental stuff in there."

The three buildings destroyed by Thursday night's intense blaze are still covered with ice. Crews spent more than an hour clearing a safe path into the buildings before allowing residents inside.  Volunteers from Seton Hall, where Vargas attends, came to help.

"We're concerned about the other families that need aid. If anyone could, please donate to the Union City Fire Victims Fund," says Vargas.

The buildings will reportedly be torn down.