UNION CITY - The Union City Board of Education is asking the city to repay $3,720 in double-billing for off-duty police assignments that were first exposed as part of a Kane In Your Corner investigation that began over the summer. The school district asked for the restitution in a letter to Union City Mayor Brian Stack, who says the city will make the payment during it's next bill cycle. Stack blames the problem on bad accounting. "You do any audit at any municipality in New Jersey, and any good CFO will tell you this, or municipal auditor, you're gonna find double payments sometimes," Stack says. "It's just the size of the budget, the nature of the requisition process, the nature of the paperwork." Meanwhile, the Union City Police Department is cleaning up off-duty details in the future. Following a Kane In Your Corner investigation that found several high-ranking officers were making big bucks working off-duty assignments, Acting Police Chief Brian Barrett issued a new policy establishing a three-to-one ratio, where three rank-and-file officers have to accept an off-duty shift before a supervisor can take one. The policy also states that shifts must be handed out on a rotating basis each month until all shifts are filled.

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