UNION BEACH - More than a year after Sandy, there are still people in Union Beach who are still not back in their homes.

Although there is a great deal of construction progress in the township, there are many properties that have been demolished and not rebuilt. Many of these families whose homes have yet to be rebuilt are living right next door to their demolished houses in trailers.

One Union Beach resident, Tracy Bloomer, says she hopes 2014 will bring change. The single mother of two has been living in a trailer next to her demolished home. She says she has been turned away by FEMA four times and has been fighting for grant money to rebuild.

Bloomer says her more pressing concerns are keeping the trailer and pipes insulated with hay and the propane tank filled. She says her propane tank ran out the night before, which meant they had no heat.

Despite the hardships, Bloomer says she refuses to leave Union Beach because she thinks it's admitting defeat.

Across town, the Capozzoli family is finally moving out of their trailer and into their new home, which is now 18 feet above sea level.

"It's not a place I would ever want to be with my family again," Angelica Capozzoli says."But it was all about sacrifice and surviving what we've been through."