RIDGEWOOD - New technology that aids doctors in the early detection of breast cancer will help give some patients a better chance of beating the disease.

Dr. Lisa Weinstock, of Women's Digital Imaging in Ridgewood, says mammograms are still the best bet for most women, but those with dense breast tissue may benefit from an ultrasound of their breasts.

"On mammograms of patients with dense tissue, the cancer is white and the tissue is white, and therefore it's obscured," Weinstock says.

Weinstock uses "automated whole breast ultrasound," which collects thousands of images in a movie format and gives doctors a better view through dense tissue.

Laurie Scofield, of Wayne, says her cancer was not detected by a mammogram three years ago. "I feel I was cheated out of early detection. And I know in New Jersey there are thousands of women in the same situation," she says.

Scofield is now cancer-free, and says she encourages all women to find out whether or not they have dense tissue and consider getting an ultrasound in addition to a mammogram.

Unlike many states, New Jersey does not have laws that require screening centers to inform women when they have dense tissue.