NORTH BERGEN - Drivers for the ride-sharing app Uber have launched a series of protests to rally against regulations they say will drive the company out of New Jersey.

A series of proposed regulations would increase insurance requirements and add more background checks. Representatives for the company say the legislation will likely drive Uber out of New Jersey.

They also claim the taxi unions are calling in favors from lawmakers. However, union president Lionel Leach says that is not the case.

"This is all about public safety, and the consumer needs to know who they are getting in the car with," he says.

Leach says Uber drivers, like taxi and limo drivers, should have to get fingerprinted as part of their licensing.

Lawmakers who sponsor the Uber regulation say that under current law, passengers could be held responsible for injuries sustained in an Uber car crash. The bill is still awaiting a vote in the General Assembly.