HADDON HEIGHTS - U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews will resign from Congress on Feb. 18 after 23 years in office.

Andrews said during a press conference Tuesday that he is leaving to work with a Philadelphia law firm, running its governmental affairs unit.

He said he has not decided whether to register as a lobbyist when he starts his work at Dilworth Paxson. If he does, he will not be allowed under federal law to lobby members of Congress in the first year he is out of office.

Andrews said the law firm offered him a job last week.

The 56-year-old was first elected to Congress to represent a district outside Philadelphia in 1990.

Andrews has been accused of using campaign funds for personal expenses, including a family trip to Scotland.

He continues to deny the charges. Andrews said the investigation had "no role at all" in his decision to resign.

Associated Press wires contributed to this report.