BRANCHBURG - Health officials have confirmed a case of tuberculosis on the campus of Raritan Valley Community College.  They would not say if the person was a student or staff member. They say the last time the person was on campus was in late March..

According to the New Jersey Department of Health, 36 people connected to the college have been contacted and were tested Tuesday to see if they were exposed to the disease.  The results should be back within two or three days.

Two informational sessions about tuberculosis were held previously on the campus, but several students told News 12 New Jersey that they were not made aware of them.

“Our emails have been down for the past three days, so we haven’t even been able to receive emails from the administration,” says student Kelsey Johnson.

A message posted on the school’s website by the president said that everyone who was required to be tested was notified by email and certified mail.  It said that if someone did not receive a notification, they did not need to be tested. 

Tuberculosis is a bacteria which typically attacks the lungs. Symptoms include sudden weight loss, coughing up blood and fever.